Club 500 Racing

Fast electric boat racing has been around for a number of years now, but it only really started to gain popularity as cell, motor and electronic speed controllers have evolved. The result of this is that there are several classes with differing regulations to which one can enter with associated variations in cost, and complexity. It was therefore decided a couple of years ago that a new class of racing be introduced. The objective of this new class was to establish a one make club level fun racing boat. It would ensure that all boats complied to a standard specification to provide a close level of racing, and promote inter-club racing. This format would be popular at club level and would encourage newcomers to the sport (both young and old).

Please see this link to the manufacturer  which will also explain all about Club 500 racing. If enough members are interested we can possibly buy kits at a reduced rate if we buy multiples from the manufacturer at the same time.

It is hoped that WMBC will be able to compete against other clubs. Due to the wildfowl at our lake we only generally encourage racing in the winter months, however common sense prevails and as long as the wildfowl are not at risk and a sensible approach to racing is taken other times are allowed.

Please see our events page for the next proposed racing or practice dates.