Health & Safety Statement.

The lake is situated within the bounds of Warminster Pleasure Gardens, Warminster Park, Weymouth Street Warminster Wiltshire. The Park is used by dog walkers, families and children 7 days, a week and is accessible at all times.




Warminster Model Boat Club is not an employer and as such is not required to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act. However this statement will ensure that all dealings within the club’s site at Warminster Pleasure Gardens, Warminster Park reflect the spirit of the Act and give advice and guidance to all who use the facilities.


Evaluation is an ongoing process and it is the responsibility of all members to report any possible hazard to the committee for their further action.

All members within the club must ensure that these guidelines are adhered to at all events and it is the responsibility of all members to act responsibly and within these guidelines at all times when using the lake and its environs.

A full risk assessment of the site must be completed in every 12 month period. Risk Assessment


Warminster Model Boat Club holds current public liability insurance covering all members throughout the year wherever they are sailing. Any other user of this lake must provide adequate proof of their personal insurance either via their own club or national organisation.


Warminster Model Boat Club does not permit any junior member to attend the lake unless accompanied by their parent, guardian or responsible adult, or if other arrangements have been agreed with another adult, then a letter of permission must be lodged with the Secretary who will report this to the committee for their approval. This arrangement is deemed a private childcare agreement and is therefore not the responsibility of Warminster Model Boat Club, or its officers. This also relates to any vulnerable adult.

No WMBC member is allowed to approach any child or vulnerable adult without either the presence of or express permission of that child’s or vulnerable adult’s parent, guardian or responsible adult.

No photograph of any person under the age of 18 or vulnerable adult may be taken without the permission of the parent, guardian or responsible adult.

Any WMBC member accused of inappropriate behaviour with a child or vulnerable adult will be immediately suspended from the club, the details referred to the relevant authority and that member will not be readmitted until said authority has investigated the matter. In the event of a conviction, the said member will be expelled from the club. Inappropriate behaviour is classified as;-

1)      Physical harm of any kind.

2)      Threatening behaviour.

3)      Bullying.

4)      Any form of discrimination due to Race, Cultural differences, Gender, Disability or sexuality.